Mission Statement: HPT’s mission is to provide transportation services that consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations. We will be relentless in the pursuit of customer and employee excellence through our people, partnerships, performance, consistency and predictable growth. We are the solution to the problem.

Past: High Plains Transport was established in 1998 by Blake Rinker and LJ Curtis. Started with 3 trucks hauling water to several oil rigs in Southwest Wyoming. In 2002 we started up another division in the company known today as HPT LLC this doubled the work load of our company diversifying us from only water tankers into Pneumatic trailers, flatbeds, dry-vans, end dumps, hopper bottoms and refers. Over the years High Plains Transport & HPT not only continued hauling for our long time customers we have grown and broadened our customer base. LJ Curtis passed away December 2016 making Blake Rinker the current owner of High Plains / HPT. Blake grew up working on trucks as a child, onto driving truck 7 days a week 52 weeks per year, to now owning and operating High Plains / HPT LLC. In the past 2 years, Blake and his wife Toni have completely restructured High Plains / HPT.

Present: Today High Plains / HPT LLC is known as one of the leading transportation companies in the Rocky Mountain Region. We pride ourselves on being a company that our customers can rely on. We currently have 30 power units running, 15 Pneumatic trains, 25 Pneumatic trailers, 10 flatbeds, 5 tankers, 2 dry-vans and 2 hopper bottoms. HPT currently has a full-service shop allowing us to maintain trucks and equipment in house. This year Blake and Toni Rinker started a leasing company Rinker Inc. Rinker Inc has purchased 3 new Peterbilt’s to add onto HPT’s fleet. 1 purchased in January 2018 currently running for HPT and the other 2 being built in December 2018. High Plains / HPT has seen many changes over the last year. Some of these changes include running up to date equipment, utilizing electronic logging devices (ELD) and purchasing and using state of the art, real time billing software. We pride ourselves in customer service and realize the employees we have play a vital role in our customer service and quality of service. We have recently started to offer our employees benefit packages including health insurance and a retirement plan along with the quarterly bonus’ we have always offered for safety. We currently have Master Service Agreements with many of the power house companies in the oil and gas industries, Halliburton, New Park Resources, NOV, Schlumberger, AES, Wexpro, Anadarko, QEP, Andeaver, etc. We have also just recently entered an MSA with Solvay Chemicals opening another avenue out of the oil and gas industry.

Future: High Plains / HPT LLC has no intention of settling down any time soon. We are going to continue to add new trucks to our fleet thru Rinker Inc. 2019 will bring many new changes to HPT including building a new office building, investing in some specialty trailers, i.e. heavy haul trailers and also food grade trailers which will allow us to expand our operations into new areas. The future looks bright for High Plains / HPT not only in the oil and gas industry but outside this industry as well.

Vision Statement: HPT is ever-changing and ever-evolving into todays trucking industry. We have achieved a vision with clear goals and strive to be the leading trucking company in the Rocky Mountain Region by bringing safe, responsive, value-added services into the transportation industry. We don’t want to be the biggest trucking company out there, but we want to be the best!